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Butterfly Kisses

Golden Butterfly Kisses


Butterfly Kisses

BUTTERZ (36"x36")

"Butterfly kisses, a series that I have worked hard to develop as to channel a new beginning and much more!"    - Toni Martin 

For artist Toni Martin, the symbolism of the butterfly posed in a variation of mediums and vibrant colors captures both a mood and nostalgia. Each butterfly unique just like the moments of our lives.  For Martin these are the moments made of beauty in chaos. Between traumatic experiences in life, meeting wonderful new people, crazy adventures or debilitating medical conditions, all were a challenge to find strength and growth. She stated, "I wanted there to be something positive that represented blossoming out of turmoil or a symbol of reaching your full potential".

This series represents the journey of life, and the beautiful moments that kiss us along the way. 

Only available upon commission in a variation of colors and sizes (Call for inquires on what's available) 

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